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Sarah Weisemann
A Street Photography


We were in a hurried rush to get Eli to speech therapy. I was holding my two year-old, keys, coffee, diaper bag and Eli’s treasured transition toy of the day, Boost from the movie, Cars.

I turned around to “boost” Eli to move faster to the front door for shoe and coat detail. To my absolute delight, I found him alternating his feet as he descended seven stairs to the landing at our front door. As cliché as it sounds, time stood still—there really is no other way to describe those ten seconds.

He was focused, I mean his blinders were on! Of course he didn’t notice me standing, jaw dropped in utter astonishment, until he arrived at the landing, telling me, “I DID IT!” I basically tackle hugged him. What fine motor planning! What an accomplishment!

Eli is a great example of early intervention. He teaches us we must find a way to disregard competitive parents and keep our focus on our kids, our family and our goals. The victories we feel about his developmental achievements are hard fought but superlative due to the long road we travel to get there—about three years on alternating feet down stairs.

After the tackle hug, I experienced one of the happiest “load and go” routines in recent memory. I wasn’t out of the driveway by the time the great sharing debate was back on, and I knew it was time to look ahead to our next victory.

Brian and Danielle, parents of Eli
Missoula, MT