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Gopal Seshadrinathan
Gopal Seshadrinathan Photography


Skanda likes people. He's very engaging and friendly. We wait for the bus together every morning and he says "Hello" to all who pass by. They smile back and say he's a very sweet, polite boy. On the playground, he watches out for the little ones to make sure they are safe and having a good time. He can get nervous outdoors and is always aware of safety.

Skanda is a Pokemon spriter. Using the Microsoft Paint program, he morphs two or more Pokemon characters into completely new Pokemon with names and abilities and sometimes puts them into videos with music soundtracks. He makes them for his friends and family members to suit their personalities too. He loves to work on the computer playing games, watching videos, reading comics and blogs, chatting and sometimes checking out cool websites like The Annoying Orange and Homestar Runner. He has a subscription to the newspaper so he can have the comics delivered to his door. He also likes to have people visit him at home.

Skanda makes a great sandwich and loves to eat fruit and burritos and whatever is for dinner. He is in the cooking club at school and enjoys coming up with creative food ideas. When he was four years old he used to tell us that he was going to be a chef when he grew up. But first, he said, he was going to be an ER surgeon and pay his way through school by being a postman. Now that he is 10, he wants to do anything that includes computers. He especially likes to morph and manipulate graphics and is interested in animation.

We know that Skanda can do whatever he sets his mind to accomplishing and just hope we can support him in every way needed.

Nipuna, mother of Skanda
Bellevue, WA