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Theresa Rose
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Kieran was perfectly developing, was very affectionate and funny, had just learned to run and used several words, his favorite being a request for "up." That is until the day after his twelve month MMR, when he had a sever vaccine reaction and was very ill for months. He quickly fell into autism and was diagnosed at twenty months. He went from a healthy boy to,"as sick as you can get without being dead," in the words of one doctor.

He was completely mute with no eye contact for ten months until I accidentally discovered the gluten/casein free diet when he was so ill he couldn't even drink milk for three days, and only had Pedialyte. He looked me straight in the eyes and sang the alphabet.

We began speech therapy, ABA, and supplements. The breakthrough happened at thirty months with secretin, chelation, and he said 200 words in one month, meaningfully. He picked up reading easily, and was soon speaking in sentences, including the longed for, "I love you." He is still diagnosed with autism, but since starting the dairy-free specific carbohydrate diet two years ago he is pain free, happy, has just earned his orange belt in tae kwon do, and is looking forward to his thirteenth birthday party with his typical classmates. For this I thank my mom and his doctors for their knowledge, my friends for their financial support, and the many brave and caring autism parents who walked this road before me and carried me when I stumbled.

Cynthia, mother of Kiernan
Burnaby, British Columbia