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Becoming a subject for the Stories of Autism project is easy. Just fill out the form to the right for yourself or a family member and we'll locate a photographer to create the portrait. If you already know a photographer you'd like to create it for you just let us know and we'll contact them to submit an application.

We're also asking you to write a few words about living with autism. Both the portrait and story will become part of our project and displayed in a special gallery on our website. As a participant, you will receive a complimentary 8x10 print or digital file of the photographer's finished portrait.

Most of us with Stories of Autism are parents of children or have people close to us with autism spectrum disorders. We struggle everyday with the same issues you do. Since 2005, the portraits we've created and the stories so many people have shared have increased awareness in communities all across North America. It's been amazing to see communities respond to our project and the number of people who have been inspired to get involved and help however they can.

Please take a few moments to browse our gallery and see the portraits and stories that have had such an impact in our community. We hope that you'll be as moved by them as the hundreds families that have already participated in this unique experience!

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