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Jakob is four now, has a huge toothy smile and dimples that melt our hearts. He is a very funny kid, especially considering he is mostly nonverbal. He speaks a lot with his eyes, and he will even tease you a bit. He loves his Toy Story books and Shrek movies above all else. He likes to go outdoors, play on the swings and collect leaves and rocks. If you ever pick him up and toss him in the air, he will never stop coming back for more. He enjoys roller coasters, listening to loud music while Daddy drives fast, and his expressions say it all. He has taught us all there's so much more than words. He enjoys all our many hugs and kisses and likes to cuddle up with a pile of pillows to drift off to sleep.

When I first realized Jakob had Autism, I was in a state of shock, but not surprised. I always knew there was something different about this kid, and now I knew why. We have been very fortunate to have the amazing, dedicated therapists at the Brent Woodall Foundation, who love him like we do. I feel they were meant to be in my son’s life. Anyone who can see my child’s potential, and can appreciate him for who he is, has a place in my heart forever.

Jakob has a twin, Clayton, who is a typical developing child. But, that doesn’t mean he is unaffected by autism. Being a sibling of autism, Clayton has more love and patience than many adults I know. If the whole world would love and accept our Jakob, like his twin brother does, I would have nothing to fear.

I think any parent worries somewhat about the future, of course I do too, but I really believe in this kid. While other little children, including his twin brother, are home watching cartoons, he is hard at work. Sometimes I think he does it all for us, to make us happy. I marveled at him then, with that big beautiful grin, cheerful and smiling, working for his Yogo Bits, and I still do. He is strong and amazing. And he really is my hero.

Kerri, Jakob’s Mama
Irving, TX