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2017 Photographer Index

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Todd Stefan
Stefan's Photography


When you attempt to capture your child in a few paragraphs, what do you write?

How can you possibly describe this sweet, humorous boy to whom you gave birth?

You can talk about the fear of the unknown as you receive a diagnosis and enter the world of an Autism parent…

You can talk about the self-taught expert you have become, voraciously devouring every book, seminar, webinar, class, theory, therapy, intervention and support you can get your hands on…

You can try to explain how hard it is when he can’t or won’t speak, can’t or won’t explain to you why he is aggressive or self-injurious, how your heart breaks because you can’t stand to see him in pain, but there are times that there is literally nothing you can do to help…

You can attempt to express the gratitude you feel for the years you have had with wonderful teachers, therapists, trainers and experts who have come into your life, become like family, and made all the difference in the world with your child…

But most of all you have to talk about the love. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it. Your child, who may not be able to express in words the love that he has for you, but you can see it, and feel it in the way he looks at you and the hugs you receive. The pure and almost physically painful love you have for this child, who is unlike any other, who has taught you so much, who has taken you on this journey many could not survive… a journey which has literally shaped your life for the last 16 years, a journey of tolerance, acceptance, individuality, and ultimately, love.

Crystal, mother of Corwin
Sammamish, WA