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Iris Rocha
Iris Rocha Photography


On January 27th 2009, Avyn Kevork Libarian was brought into the world by parents Nadia & George. Avyn is the youngest of 3 siblings. His brother Zayne is 9 and his sister Niyah is 14 years old. For a few years we noticed Avyn's speech seemed slow and his behaviour was too much for us to manage, therefore we started our Autism journey with Early Intervention. These red flags led to an assessment and eventually a diagnosis of Autism in November 2011. Soon after this we learned how to efficiently communicate with him. Today Avyn talks a lot and loves to experience new and exciting things.

He loves to spend time with the family, play hot wheels and his favourite activity is video games. He will play Mario Maker on his WiiU or play on his tablet. Avyn also loves the summer, a time where he can go swimming at the lake, go to parks and ride his bike.

Today, Avyn still faces many daily life challenges. Although ASD has made a big impact on his daily life, it also makes Avyn the amazing, loving, compassionate kid he is today. We wouldn't change him for the world. He will always have the love and support of his family through everything he does, until all the pieces fit.

Written lovingly by Big Sister, Niyah
Keswick, ON, Canada