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2017 Photographer Index

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Magdalena Oryl
Magdalena Oryl Photography


Sebastian, twin brother of Natalia, he is a
fun, loving and smart six year old boy who loves books. Sebastian was born healthy at 38 weeks. He met all milestones for his age however after getting his MMR vaccination, he started to regress into a trance-like state. His waking was wobbly, he stopped saying words and babbling and eye contact was non-existent anymore. Sebastian’s twin sister Natalia, was going through the same symptoms. So basically one day we had two healthy babies and in the blink of an eye, our world changed, times two. Sebastian loves going to the library and bookstore. He also is a big fan of movies and has a large collection. Sebastian has finally started to talk this year and opening up to eating a variety of different foods. He is excelling in school and enjoys attending and being with others. He is loved very much!

Jennifer, mother of Sebastian
Schaumburg, IL