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Magdalena Oryl
Magdalena Oryl Photography


Maksymilian was born on July 19th 2008. His early development was fantastic. As a baby he had great appetite, he had his first teeth early and he was walking early. When he was 1,5 he started talking. Maks was happy, healthy and smiley boy.

Around the age of 2 something disturbing started happening with Maks. The words started change into weird sounds, he stopped pointing with his finger to communicate what he wanted, and we lost eye contact with him. We stopped understanding our son.

Before he turned 3 we got the diagnosis of autism. The entire world stopped and our hearts fell to the floor. Our dreams and plans collapsed.
We were not defeated by the diagnosis. We didn’t like it but quickly we learn to live with autism.

Every day we fight with autism and we are winning!!! The progress he has made is tremendous. Autism is like shell around our son and we are constantly in search of things to crack the shell that keeps our son from the rest of the world.

Today Maks is eight years old and he attends elementary school where he is surrounded by wonderful people. Our son is starting talking which makes our and his life much easier. He is engaging in playing with other kids, which rarely happened before.

Maksymilian is a delightful, curious, sensitive and very smart boy who has unbelievable visual memory. He loves art; all colors, drawings and playdoh. Maks builds breathtaking structures and creations out of playdoh. Often he plays with cars, trains and LEGO but the most important thing is the tablet ( IPOD).

Our son loves water in all forms; lakes, rivers, pools, waterfalls. We spend a lot time in the car; driving around and searching for new places for camping, canoeing, hiking and long nature walks. We believe that those trips are the best therapy for Maks.

We hope that one day we will destroy that “shell” (autism) around our son and he will be free! The most important thing in life is never lose HOPE.

Joanna Mother of Maksymilian
Elk Grove Village, IL