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2017 Photographer Index

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H.N. James
Punk Rock Photography


Stephon would like for people to know that he is helpful, friendly and sometimes funny. He likes to be nice to everyone. He loves music. He loves to sing, to cook and to go bowling. He is a percussionist in the concert band of the high school. He also is a member of the track team where he runs multiple events. Being part of a team has given him self-confidence that he can do anything his peers without autism can do. When he graduates high school, he wants to go to college. He wants to become a chef and open a restaurant with his brothers. If being a chef doesn't work, he would like to be a PBA bowler. He would like for people to understand that his autism may cause distractions in some places like school, public places, and sometimes even at home. He would like for them to try and understand before they judge him. He says that he is using his imagination to find his image and soul.

Stephon, in his own words
Springfield, TN