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Charles Cotugno
Charles Cotugno Photography


When Zain was diagnosed with autism, I launched myself in to a war with autism. I was going to make it go away, not let it be a part of our lives. Most days autism won, and I lost. It took over our lives, changed our relationships, changed our lifestyle, and our days and our nights. Then one day, I decided to give in, I called a truce, I surrendered. That's the day I found Zain. I found a loving, kind, tenacious boy who is full of life and he is not going to let anything get in the way of him living life to the fullest, not even autism. When I embraced autism, I found a boy who had many gifts to give-the gift of patience, pure love for those around him, a rare vision of the world. Zain has given me a glimpse in to a world that only a few understand and even fewer have the privilege of being part of. It is an honor to raise this beautiful boy, and has given meaning to my entire lifetime.

Sagira, mother of Zain
Bellevue, WA