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Anne Young
Young Reflections Photography


“Dominic has always had a high interest in how things work. As a toddler one of his favorite activities was to watch vehicles working at construction sites. Loved anything that spun like fans, clocks, wheels. His favorite was vehicles. Cars, tractors, fire engines, everything! I let him use my 35mm camera when we visited the LA Zoo (he was around 4) and when I got the film developed, it was picture after picture zoomed in on wheels on different strollers, the zoo's golf cart wheels, nuts/bolts on benches, and so on. He was a dashboard for Halloween one year! (Other years included a tornado, garbage truck, clock, battle robot from Robot Wars) Over the years, he has soaked up all the car information he can get. He spent half his school day (through entire junior year) in the WaNIC program for auto mechanics and gained some hands-on experience. His dream career is to work as a mechanic. We have figured out ways to work around challenges like noise sensitivity and being easily startled by flying insects. In the last year, he has gained enough confidence to spend time with a classmate outside of school time- they go to lunch, drive to the theater to see a movie, play video games. Typical teen guy stuff. They both live with Asperger's and are experiencing the great things that friendship has to offer.”

Dominic’s mother, Amy
Kirkland, WA

Park Place LTD graciously allowed us to photograph this session in their showroom at no cost.