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Christine Vega
Christine Vega Photography


Gibson is a curious, happy, empathetic 6-year-old boy who was diagnosed to be in the spectrum when he was 2. In the beginning he seemed like he simply was being a kid – not listening to instruction because he was headstrong, probably shy because he couldn’t seem to carry a conversation and or preferred to play by himself. After his diagnosis, his parents immediately worked with several experts, networked with other parents who had experience and after years of trial and error landed with a sustainable program. He currently attends public school and receives therapy at Lakeside Center for Autism which has done wonders for his engagement and learning. Today, Gibson is a promising swimmer, able to communicate his needs, affectionate and loves exploring the outdoors. His parents are hoping to reach out to other less fortunate families and help them in their quest for support.

Gibson was featured as one of the participants for Wings of Autism here:

Christine, mother of Gibson
Snoqualmie, WA