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Michael Straub
Michael Straub Photography


Autism is not a blessing. But for our family, Ashur is. He is a survivor. Most importantly, he is our inspiration.

Ashur has several diagnosis. Each one by itself is a life changer for the person who must endure it. For Ashur, trouble came in threes. Ashur has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Autism. 7% of all children with Cerebral Palsy will have a secondary diagnosis on the autism spectrum. As a result, Ashur is truly a unique child. We were told Ashur would not survive, would never walk or talk, or otherwise would not interact with the world around him. He proved all three assertions wrong and continues to show that he will not live his life by the expectations of others.

Ashur is bright, inquisitive, loving, and wise beyond his almost six years of life. He sees beauty in the little things that others miss and loves to be surrounded by nature. He loves the feel of the wind on his face and those around him love the sound of his infectious laughter. Ashur reminds us to stop and value the little things in life. He has shown us that sometimes we all need to slow down and not run ourselves into the ground. Most of all, Ashur has taught us to do what we love, nothing else is important.

Nicole, mother of Ashur
Scranton PA