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2016 Photographer Index

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Amanda Pfannenstiel
Amanda Pfannenstiel Photography


"Leon is 8 years old and the sweetest little blue eyed boy you will meet! He loves playing x-box, jumping on his trampoline, riding his bike and playing with cars and trucks. I asked Leon what he wants to be when he grows up he responded with “Santa Claus.”He is in 2nd grade and loves music and PE.

Leon has Autism and Developmental Delays. When Leon was around 7 months old we started to notice developmental delays such as not sitting up yet. He started crawling around 2 years of age, walking around 3 years and talking between 4-5 years of age. He struggles a lot with frustration.

Dear Leon, We want you to know that no matter how hard things get, you got it! Your stronger than it has you! We are very proud of you and love you!

Mom and Dad of Leon
Lyons, KS