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2016 Photographer Index

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Brian Mengini
Brian Mengini Photography


Armani was diagnosed with Aspergers when he was 5. He had some speech and social deficits and immediately started therapy for both. He faced many challenges making friends and finding a way to fit in. He found comfort in video games and computers and very early on we discovered how talented he was. In elementary school he found a way to program video games to flash drives!! He eventually developed a passion for music and began creating his own ringtones for his cell phone. In high school he became popular for his talent and found a group of friends who shared his interests. Now he's in college for computer programming and makes musical beats, primarily hip hop, as a hobby using his computer. He has a few mix tapes on public music sites and now aspires to make it part of his career.

He's also on Soundcloud as xxblackarmyxx

Rohan Brown, father of Armani Collingdale, PA