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2016 Photographer Index

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Lauren Koski
Lauren Koski, Journalist


JJ, you have taught us so much about life as it is - unedited, no boxes, full of surprises and never a dull moment.

Swimming like a fish, smiling under water
Bobbing to the beat of worship music
Laughing hysterically, riding the Matterhorn and Space Mountain at Disneyland

Lighting up your face, with such joy and elation, while trotting on a horse

Intensely practicing your writing and working on your artFinding it awfully funny, when you or any of us, make mistakes
Faltering, but reading with determination
Making up words, as you encounter the unknown
Telling us something that is in your head, simplifying it for our sake
Looking forward to a movie in the theater, just for the popcorn

Concentrating and patiently working through all those 1000+ piece puzzles

Watching out for everyone, making sure we have all the things we need to get out the door
Through you, we have learned how to listen better, help each other more, appreciate the simple joys, see each other as gifts, be okay about doing things a little differently,and understand that time is truly God’s.
Through you, we have come to perceive life as different, rather than difficult. We are incredibly blessed by you, our beautiful JJ!

Shereen, mother of JJ
Pleasanton, CA

You are lightningUncontrollable and unpredictable,
in every single way —
you are dangerous to harness, difficult to understand,
and most of all — painful to touch.
That’s nonsense.

How can I not bring myself
through the hardship
to see you for being the exquisite

Lightning in a bottle
that is your true se
Those who truly
know you
are awestruck.

Karina, sister of JJ
Pleasanton, CA