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Charles Cotugno
Charles Cotugno Photography


I Remember…

I remember the excitement I felt when I discovered I was pregnant. All the bliss, the nerves of being a first time mom and everything in between.

I remember the moment everything changed. The day “they” said he was different. That he would never do this or that or never amount to much.

I remember the hundreds of moments in between where he proved them”wrong.

Brandon is now 20 years old. He has Autism, epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy, but he never lets it stop him. He volunteers in his community with his classmates, He plays basketball and participates in bowling with Special Olympics. He loves music, laundry, Blues Clues and anything involving water. He is turning into an amazing young man and will forever be my hero.

Sunni, mother of Brandon
Bonney Lake, WA