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Anabel Quinones Mercada


My name is Jorge Adrian, I'm 9 years old, and soon will be 10. I’m from Lajas, Puerto Rico, one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. I used to be like any other kid, approximately until I was 18 months old. I was able to walk, talk, play, sleep and eat. I presented with strong episodes of stomach cramps (cólicos), but since my Mom was breastfeeding me, she make some diet adjustments and then everything went well. As a toddler, I didn't feel comfortable with some textures in my food or in the clothes I wore. I didn't like loud noises, fluorescent lights, and to look to ceiling fans. I use to cover my ears with my hands, when feeling uncomfortable with loud noises. My doctor and some other people thought that I was having hearing problems. Therefore, I was given an earphone to use. That way, the problem with noises went away.

My mom began her journey trying to find what was wrong with my speech delay and my motor skills. I started to visit different specialists like psychologists, Pediatric Psychiatrist, Pediatric Neurologist, ENT's and other. When I was 4, a Pediatrician, with a specialty in Neurological Development, told my parents about my diagnosis of Autism. Mom began reading about the condition, and assisting to ARI (Autism Research Institute) Conventions. They tried different therapies with me like Neurological Organization, Surfing, Swimming Classes, Horse therapy, Sensory Diet, Gluten free-Caffeine free Diet, Natural Supplements and Gym classes.

I'm in the fourth grade with seven other kids in my classroom in a school that provides individualizing assistance. I love my school and I love to be surrounded by all kind of kids which I consider my friends. I love music, and to your surprise I can learn an entire song, just by listening for a while. I can speak and read in English and Spanish. I love water sports, the sea and the pools. I took surfing classes, and I did paddle boarding too. I like so much going on vacation, because I love to be in a hotel, going to restaurants, eat Skirt Steak and "Mofongo". I can tell to my Mom that I love her like 7 or 8 times in 5 minutes. I'm a nice person, I smile a lot, I don't criticize people, and I don't complain to my parents. I'm trying to overcome all my fears such as fireworks, haircuts (I can handle now), ENT visits (for my check-up visits), Dentist visits, and many other things. My mom helps me a lot. I'm going to follow into this journey, with the support and love of my family.

jas, PR