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Carrie Anciaux
Carrie Anciaux Photography


“I want people to understand autism is an important aspect of my life.” My name is Grace. I have a brother, sister, mom and dad. I will be 21 on June 4th, 2015. I have lived in three places in my life. First with my family in Deforest until I was 15. Then I lived at ODTC for 2 years and I liked it there. It's where I found myself after I had lost my way.

Now I live in Middleton with a roommate. I go to Middleton High School. This year I am taking Geometry and Sociology. I’m happiest when I’m at school and staying busy and focused.

I talk by typing and using my iPad. I feel nervous when people don't know I can’t talk because they probably think I am just stupid. I know I am not stupid but it makes me nervous that I can't talk to them and tell them that.

I am on a journey and I am getting better at living it just the way I am. I want to be a person who helps others but I need to find myself first. It is hard to be me and I struggle every day to not push people away.

Things in People Which I Like

-They talk to me
-They say that I am smart
-They ask me to type with them
- They are quiet
-They give me help when I need it.
-They don’t worry about catching autism

What I’d like you to know:Listen carefully to people like me because we are not good at being who we were meant to be.

DeDorest, WI