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Michael Wade
Michael G. Wade Photography


Micah was first diagnosed with unspecified hypothyroidism shortly after his second birthday. We found out he had a thyroid disorder as we were searching for reasons why he was chronically ill and barely on the growth charts. At this point, he had lost all verbal communication skills and was starting to have frequent meltdowns. Autism wasn't a concern at this point; we just wanted our son to be healthy.

A year after beginning thyroid replacement therapy and getting his health back on track, he was diagnosed with autism. Since then, he has been thriving in preschool in a special education classroom and beginning to learn to communicate with PECs.

Micah is an amazing child. He is non-verbal, but his smile speaks volumes. He loves the iPad and iPhone and is a master at most apps. He adores his brothers and sister. He loves Curious George and the Monster at the End of this Book.

This is our story of autism.

Michael and Jessica, parents of Mica
Kalamazoo, MI