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2014 Photographer Index

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Amanda Starry
Auntie M's Photography


Adryan is 12 years old and the light of our lives. He is homeschooled and is doing much better in his ‘safe’ environment. Adryan’s favorite activity is playing war games on his PlayStation 3 and playing Block World on his Kindle. He would probably stay on video games or computer games 24/7 if we allowed him to. When he’s not playing video games, he’s running around the park with his 2 year old brother, Elijah. So far, Elijah is NT.

Adryan is a delightful young man and will do very well as he matures. For now, the little boy inside of him is still very much alive. He loves his stuffed turtles, Rainbow & Chip, as well as his real turtle, Selena-Rosalina Gomez.

If Adryan were writing this, I know he’d want me to tell you all, “Hello.”

Adryan’s “Auntie M”
Fort Wayne, IN