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Bhargav Shukla
Bhargav Shukla Photography


When Annika was born, we assumed that life would continue as it had with our first daughter's arrival. We would experience the joy of her first smile, first words, steps and everything else just as we had before. Though these things did not all occur in the way we had envisioned, the journey we have embarked upon as a result, has brought us gifts even greater than we could have imagined. She has taught us that intelligence and awareness comes in many different packages. Recognition of this requires one to truly be able to walk in another person's shoes, see from another perspective and think outside the box, often changing one's own patterns. She has shown us that living in the moment and being present within each one are the way we’re meant to live. Most importantly, she is a beacon of love to everyone around her and models every day that we can all choose to be the same. We are blessed that she chose us to be her parents and are honored to share her story.

Samantha, mother of Annika
Downington, PA