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2014 Photographer Index

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Julia Lamberth
Julia M Photography


This boy.
What can I say about this blue-eyed young man?
It wasn’t so long ago that I’d held his hand.
Calmly and gently guiding him along,
Some may have heard me quietly singing a song.
Oh, how he yearned to dash out and run,
To play without care in the bright Georgia sun.
My how I worried,
And oh how I watched,
To keep my child safe
From the danger’s he’d cross.
This child was different, more difficult than most,
But the love of this child, of this I could boast.
His heart is so tender, his intent so sincere;
I want to hold him forever and keep him right here.
And as we heal and progress I see more of the norm;
I wonder how in the world we made it out of the storm.
Through illness and pain and sadness and grief,
We found healing and hope was the result of belief.
What we conquered now past, and far far from view
I wouldn’t trade for a moment
Because it has always been you!

Love you forever,

Meadow, mother of Tristen
Burkburnett, TX