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Jen Jensen
Simple Smiles Photography & Design


Adam was born a healthy and beautiful baby boy in March 2010, since he was about six months of age I noticed that he never wanted to be held or coddled and had lack of eye contact and not responding to his name, no cooing and very little babbling. At his six-month check up I told his doctor my concerns and that my stepsister was autistic and I was familiar with the signs of autism. Over the next year even though I knew something was wrong she would brush me off and tell me that boys develop differently than girls do or it's normal for boys to be a little behind. It wasn't until he has a seizure right before his second birthday that he was diagnosed with epilepsy and, after a few visits with the neurologist, finally he could see my concern and put him in for an evaluation.

It was mixed emotions, I was so happy yet sadden at the same time, very bitter sweet to finally get Adam an evaluation I had been fighting for over the past year and yet to already know that answer that he was on the spectrum. During the evaluation it hit me, even though I knew what to expect I felt somewhat devastated at the moment, thinking what the severity of his autism was, thinking about all my dreams and hopes for his future were on hold and worried about what kind of life is ahead of my son. They gave us the diagnosis PDD-NOS and he started therapy within that month.

Being in speech, ABA and OT 4 days a week for the past almost two years I am very proud of how far Adam has come. He has improved so much it amazes me. He is still going to need years of therapy but has come so far, he is my little hero! He is now in early start pre-k and seems pretty social for the most part. He will be four this March and is a very happy and loving little boy.

Pamela, mother of Adam
Orange, CA