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Sherry Hagerman
Allusion Photography


Lily is 10 years and old living with autism. She was diagnosed when she was 25 months old as moderate to severe and our family was devastated. It was very difficult for us to wrap our brain around the fact that she was born a happy and healthy baby and was developing normally until around 12 months old. At 12 months old, her health began to decline and she began to lose skills and was drifting away from us. We were terrified of what was to come because we weren't really given any type of guidance about what autism was and what we could do to treat it.

After months and months of research, we decided to make some major changes in her diet and truly investigate the underlying conditions that may be linked to her autism. After seeking professional guidance from doctors and practitioners that specialize in treating autism medically, we started to completely change our lifestyle and implement a philosophy of clean eating and living for her and our entire family.

Because of these changes, she is a much happier and healthier girl today and has come much farther than was expected when she was initially diagnosed. She has started to really come out of her shell the last few years and we are loving every minute of it! She is the middle child with an older and younger brother and they love to dote on her every day.

She loves swimming, tumbling, swinging and generally just loves to spend her days outdoors.

Although Lily has limited expressive language, she is in many ways like any other 10-year-old girl. She loves watching TV and playing with her Barbies. We cherish her as an individual and a person and will continue to help her to communicate and overcome the obstacles that autism presents. She is an inspiration to our family and shows us everyday that autism is treatable!

Christina, mother of Lily
Shorewood, IL