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Michael Gomez
Gomez Photography


In October of 2013, my son, Carter was diagnosed with ASD at 23 months old. For almost a year my family and I had attributed his delays and behaviors to the fact that he was born 14 weeks premature. At birth he weighed in at 2 lbs. 3 oz. and was 13 inches long. It wasn’t until Carter’s Grandmother suggested that he might be on the spectrum that we considered it, and later discovered she was right. He received his comprehensive diagnostic evaluation through a research study at Vanderbilt University. The purpose of the study was to help identify specific markers in children that may have ASD through a blood draw.

While our journey hasn’t been the easiest, I realize that Carter is still a very lucky young man. He has an extremely supportive family and very understanding friends. As a family, we appreciate that we have the backing of the military as they have helped us to navigate the intricacies of our insurance system and steered us in the right direction for the care that Carter requires. In my opinion, the hardest part to get used to has been adjusting to meet Carter’s needs in learning, and juggling our daily lives in with appointments.

Carter has made incredibly impressive strides, and amazes us daily. He has taken on, what many people, would relate to a full time job. He has therapy multiple times a day, almost every day. I find it incredible that throughout all of this he walks into each session eager and happy to begin learning. As with anyone, he gets upset and frustrated at times, yet his desire to learn is still glowing. We truly are blessed to have such a happy, energetic, smart, and healthy little boy in our lives.

Carter, you are loved by so many.
Mom & Dad

Blair and Chris, parents of Carter
Oak Grove, KY