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2014 Photographer Index

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Jennifer Crowe
Cobblestone Road Photography


Hannah received a late diagnosis right before kindergarten of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. School was a struggle at first but she has made so many strides and is now doing wonderfully. Transitions & social skills have always been the hardest for her but we are so proud of how easily she adjusts now! Occupational Therapy & working on social skills with her therapist has helped. She works so hard every day and we are so proud of her.

Although it can be tough at times when she has a hard time regulating her emotions there are so many good days as well. Hannah amazes us every single day. We love the way she views the world and her heart is so full of kindness and love for everyone. It's incredibly sweet to witness. She loves learning about the world and is full of facts! She teaches us something new every day! We tell her that she will live a full life and will be able to accomplish anything she wants because we know she can.

She is amazing. She is our blessing and we are honored to be her parents!

Jennifer and James, parents of Hannah
St. Charles, MO