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Lisa Wilcox
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Our story begins like most families. We brought home our healthy little boy, Sean. Like most parents we were so excited. Although at the time we didn’t know our journey with Sean was going to take us places we never thought we would go.

We became concerned when Sean was about 9 months old. He just wasn’t meeting his gross motor milestones. After a couple of doctors and a lot of tests we found out when he was a year and half that he has Fragile X Syndrome, an inherited form of mental impairment. Then when he was 3 years old Sean was diagnosed with autism.

Words like sensory diet, occupational therapy, global developmental delay, sensory integration, birth to three, speech therapy, and acronyms like IEP, ABA, and DRI were now a part of our every day life.

Our journey has brought some amazing people into our lives. The therapists through the years have given us hope and encouragement. Their patience and expertise have helped us support Sean so that he can be the best version of himself.

Sean is now 6 years old. He is funny, sweet and easygoing. One of this favorite things to do is read books- especially ones about trains and planes. He loves to interact with his little sister Abbie. Together they enjoy playing hide-and-go-seek and go fish. Sean also loves to play with trains, cars and planes. Sean recently has begun to draw, color and cut. He is our artist.

This is not how I envisioned parenthood but I have learned so much because of Sean. I am grateful for the little things in life. I have learned what really matters. Sean has and continues to teach me to celebrate and smile.

Beth, mother of Sean
Verona, WI