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Vandiveer_Zane 2013_vivar_edgar

Gladis Vivar
LDL Productions

Elijah & Isaiah

Being young parents is scary, but being first time parents to twin autistic boys is a challenge. Autism was unknown to us until the boys were diagnosed at age 4. At that time we were so young and naïve, and knew hardly anything about the Autism spectrum. But somehow we figured things out. Along the way they both have taught us so much. Elijah is the leader of this dynamic duo. He worries so much about his brother Isaiah. He is adventurous with food (loves his salads for lunch), loves coloring anything he possibly can and every piece of his artwork must go up on the refrigerator. He is the most outgoing of the two, but always making sure not to leave his brother behind. Isaiah on the other hand is a picky eater, doesn’t like being sociable and loves being the control freak in every situation. He can’t stand being messy or sloppy. He must always have his hair fixed and his clothes nicely pressed. Isaiah seems to enjoy being in his own world and only letting you in when he feels like it. As different as they both are they also have a lot of similarities, they both really enjoy swimming (love water parks) and playing video games. They also both enjoy going to school every day and have excellent grades. As hard as this journey has been I wouldn’t change it for the world. They make my house a home; and with great support we are raising two handsome, polite and loving gentlemen.

Maria and Fransisco, parents of
Elijah & Isaiah
Houston, TX