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Ashley Potter
Ashley Potter Photography


There are many wonderful words that can sum up Josiah, but the ones that stand out the most are loving and determination.

Josiah came out of the world fighting as the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and at the young age of four months he was diagnosed with a rare immune disease called Kawasaki Disease. Spending a week in the hospital as his artery to his heart became very close to rupturing, never giving up. Then, at the age of three, he was diagnosed with autism. Just to name a few examples of his determination to prove to the world he was a fighter.

For the past three plus years of his life he was on the go, he had never sat with me or cuddled with me, all those moments as a parent you look forward to. I can remember clearly after months of therapy he sat in my lap for a brief two minutes. And yet it was the greatest two minutes of my life. He continues to not give up as he is starting to talk with the help of an iPad. With the help of the iPad, we have noticed his personality shine. He has been able to express emotions that have been locked up inside of him for the last six years. He has been able to so commute his desires of hugs and kisses from family members via the iPad.

Josiah has a way to make you forget everything, with one look into his beautiful green eyes you can see the loving kid he is. If you ever met him he would melt your heart with a hug or a kiss. He has been a wonderful blessing from day one and blesses everyone that comes across him. He has touched every heart he has been in contact with; either by mesmerizing you with his eyes, hugs that will melt your stresses away, or signing, “I love you,” at the most needed times.

Josiah has brought smiles to faces, laughter to hearts, and comfort to souls knowing that one day he will grow to be a heart-filled young adult full of drive.

Brian, father of Josiah
Spokane, WA