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Christie Mumm
JLM Creative


I proudly present Giovanni. He is an imaginative little boy, who is very curious about his world. When you don’t think he is listening or paying attention, he surprises you! He enjoys having stories read to him, and is an excellent artist. He loves his parents and his little brother and seeks constant attention and praise. When he doesn't get the attention he seeks, it's hard for him, and he tries to get it however he can, even if it is negative attention. He is curious about his peers, and so badly wants to make friends but struggles so much with it that he usually ends up giving up and playing alone.

Right before Gio’s 2nd birthday, he was diagnosed with Autism. Gio’s future suddenly became a big unknown. His little brother had been born only a few months prior so, needless to say, the plate was already full. Immediately Gio started applied behavior analysis for 32 hours per week through the University of Nevada in Reno. He struggled with the structure, and workload, and over 2 years later, it's still a struggle for him, but he has made remarkable, positive strides. Our hope for him is that he gains independence, makes lots of friends, finds true love, and has only rewarding successful interactions throughout his life.

Currently, Gio is very interested in birthdates! His greeting to someone he doesn’t know is usually, “How old are you?” and “when is your birthday?” He knows the birthdate of all 6 members of his ABA team, both parents, brother, and immediate famil, and can tell you without hesitation. While the birthdate question might make people wonder for a minute before answering, the age question, has definitely humbled others as they grimace through their response!

Christine, mother of Giovanni
Reno, NV