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Brian Mengini
Brian Mengini Photography


In February of 2005, Dominic was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. We received this diagnosis after years of blindly battling symptoms. Once Dominic got into the school system, he was evaluated for wrap around services. It was during this evaluation that he received the PDD-NOS diagnosis. Early on, it was always his sensory issues that were prevalent. However, as the years progressed and especially within the last year, the PDD-NOS symptoms have taken the place of his sensory challenges.

I have never looked at Dominic’s diagnosis as a curse. Obviously, things have not been easy, but parenting never is. Dominic and his diagnosis have been nothing but a blessing to me. He has taught me compassion, empathy and how to be the man I am. I look at him and all I see is love. Dominic is the sweetest, most intelligent young man I know and he is my hero!

Brian, father of Dominic
Schwenksville, PA