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Sammy Catiis
Sammy Catiis Photography

Ahna (Yong Min)

Ahna our little China Doll
A girl who is wholesomely beautiful, innocent and precious
Whose name means Forever Agile
Left in a cardboard box in a farmer’s market
Who became our most treasured gift.

Ahna’s life has been an arduous journey
Full of much elation and heartache
Her beautiful smile, laugh and sense of humor are infectious
As her severe self-injurious behavior and aggression are paralyzing.

Ahna is full of love and joy
A smile inducer and a tear jerker
She can run like the wind and has the gold medals to prove it
Yet needs embraced in your arms to refrain from harm.

Ahna has taught us what is truly important in life
Love, compassion and tolerance
Everyone tells us she is such a lucky little girl
But we are the lucky ones!

Thomas & Deborah Marr
Arlington, WA