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Jen Carlson
Jen Carlson Photography


He can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious without batting an eye, he taught himself to read, he can dance circles around Gene Kelly and has the most infectious giggle.

My son is an amazing boy. My son has Autism.

He feels most at home in front of a computer, iPad or anything electronic and has most likely memorized all that he has seen in his 11 years. We once discovered a note on his iPad that he had typed on the way to school one morning – a paragraph of Spanish words. As none of us speak the language, I forwarded it to my boss who started to read the text out loud in English – immediately I knew … it was his favorite book “50 Below Zero.” Whether he Googled the book in Spanish and memorized it or perhaps just knows the language – we’ll never know.

As a toddler he used to sing sounds in the tub and one night kept spewing off a list of letters but we couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell us / or spell for us … later we figured out it was just the alphabet backwards. I couldn’t do that if I tried.

His gifts are endless and we are so blessed to call him ours.

Jim, Jen, Sam, Jack & Emma
Waconia, MN