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Jaime Swanson
Sweet Serendipity Photography


Over a year ago, when I first received my son’s autism diagnosis, one of the first questions I remember asking myself was, "Why me?" Autism is a part of who my child is for better or worse. It may cause extreme temper tantrums, misunderstandings, dietary issues and more but it also shows me a side of life that I would have never seen before otherwise. A whole new profound way of looking at the world. It reminds you to cherish each milestone and savor each moment. Being different, to most people, is a negative thing; however, my child does not lie, he sees people for who they are, he is passionate in everything he does, he pays attention to details, and he lives in the here and now. As I’ve come to embrace my son’s condition over the years, my question now is, "Why not me?"

Katye, mother of Maddox
Gainesville, FL