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Val Stone
Val Stone Photography


Allen is a sweet, laidback, inquisitive, and loving 10 year-old. He has been that way since birth, which I believe contributed to the late diagnosis (he was almost 5 years old). After the initial shock and disappointment upon receiving the diagnosis of Autism, my husband and I decided to do everything we could to provide Allen with the resources necessary for him to learn, grow, thrive and eventually become an independent and productive member of society. In the process of gathering these resources we discovered that the more we tuned into Allen and carefully observed his response to people, places and things in his environment, the more we were “guided” by these observations to activities, programs and people that bring out the best in Allen and are helping him to reach the potential that initially seemed locked inside of his brilliant mind. This is truly a journey that we are taking together as a family. Along the way we’ve discovered that Allen loves hanging out with his big sister Rachel, he loves to read, ride horses, and most of all listen to and serenade anyone who will listen with inspirational and gospel music (“Amazing Grace” is his signature tune). Figures, we always knew he was our angel.

Kim, mother of Allen
Durham, NC