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Tom Schmidt
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When Kyle was 12 years old, I was listening to “Come Again” (an Elizabethan song by Sting). Kyle was working on his computer. When the music ended, Kyle said, “Hey Dad, do you want to see what that music looks like?” I turned toward his computer and saw a beautiful Fantasia-like painting on the screen. Kyle’s work was simply outstanding! At 17, he’s become a digital artist with undeniable talent. He’s exhibited his artwork at numerous venues and art galleries.

Kyle was born drug exposed with multiple physical problems including facial and head anomalies due to Pierre Robin Syndrome, pyloric stenosis, bowel problems, heart problems, and an inability to breathe on his own resulting in the need for a tracheotomy. At about two and half years old, he finally got rid of the tracheotomy tube and was able to breathe on his own.

At three, Kyle was diagnosed with autism (specifically Asperger's Syndrome), ADHD, and early onset bi-polar disorder. Despite all the disabilities, Kyle has grown into a handsome, bright, and articulate young man.

Kyle is home-schooled and an "A" student. Every year, Kyle’s curriculum includes the arts and art appreciation.

He's been refining his artwork over the years. He studies various artists online and finds inspiration in their work. He often creates his own art while listening to music. He says he sees pictures in the music. Space, Nature, and the Ocean are his favorite themes.

Due to limited fine motor skills, Kyle does all of his artwork with a computer mouse or graphics stylus. The detail he achieves is often amazing.

Michael and Sharyi, parents of Kyle
Redding, CA