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When Odin was diagnosed with autism we were not really sure what to expect. Autism was something we knew nothing about. We read books, looked online, talked with his doctor.

Odin’s autism is called Asperger’s. He is a high functioning child. His ability to watch something once and mimic it is remarkable. He has his struggles with speech but with time and great therapists and teachers along with his family I know he will talk more.

His socialization is a little fuzzy when I take him out for play dates he has a blast but when it is time to leave he doesn’t understand and has a meltdown. The same applies to grocery shopping, dinners etc. As Odin has gotten older and use to daily routines his meltdowns have become less frequent.

Potty training is and continues to be a challenge.

My husband and I have been asked on several occasions how do we do it or what’s it like with our son. Our answer is and has been simple love and laughter.

Writing about Odin is extremely hard. There aren’t enough words to describe him. He loves spinning, jumping on his trampoline, dancing, and swimming. Odin is outgoing, happy, sensitive, remarkably smart, and courageous. From the moment Odin was born we were blessed to have him in our lives. Like every parent we have our struggles but he amazes us everyday with the things he says and does.

We don't know what lies ahead for our son, but we do know that it will be filled with happiness, laughter, and if coarse spinning. To us Odin is simply amazing and in our eyes he is perfect just as he is.

Lacey, mother of Odin
Quartzsite, AZ