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Marc Rains
Rains Photographic


I really hate the word “normal”. What is normal? If having an Autistic child is not “normal” then I’m happy our lives are not normal. Alex is the best thing that ever happened to me. He’s the sunshine of my life and I’m so blessed to have him. He has taught me to see the world in such a wonderful way. He has taught me patience. He makes me laugh; he makes me cry. His “gears” are always turning and he has amazing creativity. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and is so often oblivious to the cruelty that’s in our world.

When you’re told your child is Autistic, you think “Oh, what will ever become of him?” But as I watch him grow into this beautiful young adult I see he has so much to offer this world. He’s caring, out-going, and truly a happy person. I think that the so called “normal” people of the world could learn much from him.

Amy and Marc, parents of Alex
Mansfield, TX