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Rhiannon Mack
Reflections By Rhiannon


Brandon was born weighing seven pounds, and was a beautiful baby that captured our hearts instantly. He also got our attention right away with feeding issues. His poor suck- swallow reflex had us driving back and forth daily to the pediatrician's office for weight checks for the first several weeks of his life.

After finally turning the corner with his feeding issues we started trying to address his difficulty remaining asleep. It seemed like everything was just harder than it “should” be. A delay with speech started our journey of evaluations that eventually culminated in a diagnosis of Autism.

The years that followed were full of therapy appointments, doctors’ appointments, and more therapy appointments. Eventually the worrying about what he might or might not be able to do was replaced with the joys of all that he is, and what a cool, creative, funny boy he has grown into.
Our beautiful seven pound baby has grown into an amazing seven year old, so full of love and imagination, with a sense of humor and a kind heart. He is an only child, but is quick to share. He loves dancing and playing Kinect. He has been reading and writing his own books with illustrations since kindergarten. He takes Kung Fu, is learning to play piano. His personality is so big it fills the room. Brandon has never been “normal” for us; extraordinary is a much better description of our son.

Elaine and Tony, parents of Brandon
Charlotte, NC