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Ellie Irvin
White Sage Photography


Conner is a very loving, helpful, affectionate young man. He is full of energy (that never seems to stop). He is fearless and has no concept of “stranger danger” and everyone is his “buddy”. He loves to swim & just play in the water and always has. He loves to ride his dirt bike and play with anyone that will play with him.

Last August Conner was diagnosed with ADHD, by September he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, OCD, & sensory issues. He loves the feel of things. His most favorites are silk & microfiber. From the time he was about 4 until about 6 ½, when he wanted to tell you something was old he would say “you know that's from 1928” although he had no concept of when 1928 actually was. Sometimes he says thing that are so far beyond his age, you just have to look at him and wonder how he knows the word used and to use it correctly.

He is such an amazing little person and although I do find myself losing my patience sometimes I would not trade or change him for anything in the world. He is my life, my world, & my love!

Shelly, mother of Conner
Hayden, ID