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Terence Finan
Terence Finan Photography

Ahlam and Anisa

Anisa loves to learn new things—she does not give up easily. Recently she came home from school and tried very hard to tell me that she learned something new. That never happened before. Ahlam is having a little more trouble learning, but she loves to hug me and squeeze me. Both of them love it when I sing to them. It doesn't matter what I sing.

I had trouble getting pregnant. When I had my twins, I was so happy. It doesn’t matter to me how they are today. When I get up in the morning, I thank God that I am healthy and can be there for my girls. Money comes and goes, but what is important is making sure I can be there for them. I love them very much.

Fartun, mother of Anisa and Ahlam
Seattle, WA