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Rachel Ferrari
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Deavon was born the most happy, content baby. Who slept through the night and hardly ever cried. When Deavon became ill after his 2nd M.M.R. shot, at 15 months old, he was hospitalized. I swear we brought home a different child. No eye contact, limp like a noodle, brought him to specialists, and were told he has autism.

We got him the help and support that he needed. He had to relearn how to walk and talk, to do everything. Today, Deavon is a happy, healthy teenage young man, affectionate, kind, his passion is dinosaurs, and animals research. He loves reading, school, wants to be a veterinarian. And is not afraid to try new things. He likes high school. Like most teenagers wants his driver’s license, a job, gets moody, and can really put up a good argument. Deavon is growing to be strong, mature young adult. With a smile that lights up the world. He knows he has autism, and so he says, "I love my family, I love myself, and I love everybody." And boy he sure does.

Scott and Sandy, parents of Deavon
Torrington, CT