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Megan Drane
Firefly Nights Photography


Every day with Dominic is in many ways the same day as yesterday and at the same time a completely new day. We used to say that the one thing that is predictable about Dom is that he is unpredictable! He has brought out the most creative parenting I ever could have imagined. While he cannot have a spontaneous conversation, he has a sneaky and fun-loving sense of humor—he loves to joke and make us laugh. He tries to run our household, from what we watch on TV to which way we turn when driving in the car. He is sweet and sweetly attached to Mom, Dad, and younger brother Nicholas.

We have always called Dominic our “quirky kid”- but don't all kids have their own quirks? Some are just quieter than others. With Dominic, everything is loud. His quirks are loud. His laugh is loud. His anger is loud. His eating is loud. His playing is loud. His frustration is loud.

His 8 year-old brother, Nicholas, said, “Dominic doesn't know a lot of words, but I know that he loves me.” His love is loud.

Ray and Karen Ferrero, parents of Dominic
Plainfield, IL