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My son Grady has a laugh that is infectious! He loves to tell jokes and pull pranks on his brother Garrett.

When Grady was 2 1/2 his preschool teacher asked me to spy on Grady during school. I noticed some immediate differences between him and his peers. Grady did not want to be a part of a group. When the teacher would have them come together for "circle time" Grady would get very upset. In a classroom setting Grady would ignore his teacher. Grady would have been happy just left alone in a corner with a toy train. At home when it was just our family he always seemed fine.

Today, Grady is 10 1/2 yrs old and still loves trains. He attends a private school for children with learning differences and is in 4th grade. Things have changed since the days when he would not participate in class. He is very social now and loves to make new friends.
Grady has truly been a blessing and always leaves a lasting impression!

Colleen, mother of Grady
Sparks, MD


Grady has touched more lives in his short 10 years than many people can in a lifetime. He has an incredible imagination, a smile that can pierce the veil of the worst day, eyes that relish life....and a personality that can win over a crowd in an instant. He is doing well in his new private school, and is active in the theater there. He still loves his trains, and any transportation related characters and story lines....he makes up his own stories too. He does "challenge" his big brother daily, but would be lost without him. Grady is such a blessing....couldn't ask for a more perfect kid.

Brien, father of Grady
Sparks, MD