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Susan Burchard
Susan Burchard Photography


"Evan from Heaven"...that is what we were calling Evan even before he was born. Like all children, Evan is a gift from God and God has a purpose and a plan for his life.

When I am with Evan every trip is an adventure and an opportunity for reflective thought. I see in him an extension of my not-so-endearing qualities...lack of focus, impulsiveness, fear of what is uncomfortable...fear of relationships with others. Somehow he miraculously transforms these attributes into nothing less than lovable interactions.

What Evan has given me is a deeper sense of humility, patience, and hope in all circumstances. He has shown me that there is a deep interdependence between all people and that the only thing worth living for is the chance to love, and be loved, by others.

In turn for all he has given me, I have given him my love. I hope it's enough.

Jarred, father of Evan
Redmond, WA